Healthier Together Series

Making dreams come true. Through individual and group shared learning experiences, for people interested in health and self mastery and increasing connected-ness with others, I am establishing a safe space and a community dedicated to making dreams come true. I’m calling it the “Healthier Together” Series because we work together to learn & share how to be healthier to be free to pursue our individual and collective dreams. It’s more fun together anyhow. 

Here’s what I have imagined for you. You may choose to go through these in order, to build your knowledge and mastery through the cycles or you may choose to focus on one area at a time. The key will be having compassion with yourself and allowing the journey to take the time it needs. Embrace the time to practice each one before moving onto the next would be the ideal. 

Each Cycle has 4 Sessions:

Session A: Nutrition — learn about nutrition. Review new info & currently available data, books. Talk about when to consider different “diets.”

Session B: Physical Movement –learn about moving our body. For exercise, for health, to maintain our joints and organs, to refresh our body. Review currently available information. It may be useful as a guide to getting started.

Session C: Relaxation and Sleep — Learn a couple of simple relaxation methods and review currently available info, methods, apps, etc. Understand sleep changes over our lifespan.

Session D: Putting it all together. — Share ways we put it together. People’s experiences. How to incorporate and adjust as our body changes and ages and either moves forward or backward.

So, in all of my Healthier Together Series, please feel free to share your experiences or tips or helpful resources with all of us. Hopefully, you will also pick up some new healthy ideas from others too.

Cycle 1A. Nutrition — Make one change…

Cycle 1B. Physical Activity — Workout bonus

Cycle 1C. Relaxation & Sleep — There’s an app for that…

Cycle 1D. Putting It All Together — Midwest Winter

Cycle 2A. Nutrition – Hydrate

Cycle 2B. Physical Activity — Look at the numbers…

Cycle 2C. Relaxation & Sleep — How much is enough?

Cycle 2D. Putting it all together — What it looks like now…

Cycle 3A. Nutrition — When you’re hungry…

Cycle 3B. Physical Activity – It only takes a little.

Cycle 3C. Relaxation & Sleep — Missing Nature

Cycle 3D. Putting it all together — Power Recharge!

Cycle 4A. Nutrition – Go To List

Cycle 4B. Physical Activity – Crisp Weather

Cycle 4C. Relaxation & Sleep — Meditation

Cycle 4D. Putting It All Together – Winter Well-Being

Cycle 5A. Nutrition – How To Manage Your Hunger – 10 Things to Know

Cycle 5B. Physical Activity – Exercise and Fitness and Sedentary Jobs

Cycle 5C. Relaxation & Sleep – 7 Steps to Using Traffic and Commuting for Self-Care

Cycle 5D. Putting It All Together – Words Matter: 7 Steps to Self-Compassion.

Cycle 6A. Nutrition – If Food is Medicine, “What should I eat?”

Cycle 6B. Physical Activity – 3 Steps to Developing a Daily Exercise Habit

Cycle 6C. Relaxation & Sleep – Focus your mind, Relax your body

Cycle 6D. Putting it all together – Organizing Your Day For Productivity & Success

Cycle 7A. Nutrition – The importance of calories in

Cycle 7B. Physical Activity – Stimulus to Change

Cycle 7C. Relaxation & Sleep – Allow Sleep with Sleep Training

Cycle 7D. Putting it all together- 3 Steps to Optimizing Function & Recovery