This blog brings together the most ancient medical concepts with the most recent research and knowledge. I am excited to share ways in which we can be healthy. While I am trained and practice in Western Medicine, I believe that health is more than the absence of illness. In fact,  your body is designed to thrive. We can add the perspectives of traditional Chinese Medicine and more recent research in fitness and nutrition to help our patients pursue their healthiest lifestyles.

While there is a place for standard Western protocols in medical treatment, we can also incorporate more organic, natural healing techniques to address physical, mental and emotional dysfunction. As a physician, when I evaluate a person as an integrated whole human being, I have at hand a broad variety of interventions to address that individual person’s imbalance. In Western Medicine, we re-actively respond mostly to symptoms and focus on decreasing or eliminating the immediate complaint(s); in traditional Chinese Medicine, we focus mostly on the causes, facilitating balance and harmony within the body to allow healing to happen. We can benefit from integrating both modern knowledge and traditional wisdom.

Currently, in my practice, I am finding that my more than 25 years of experience studying weight management, fitness and nutrition gives me an additional perspective that has proven to be very helpful to my patients. A significant portion of my practice is made up of people who have been referred to me specifically for fitness and weight management. I am seeing that as I educate people and help them manage their health, many other areas of their lives improve. Sharing this journey together, my patients continue to teach me. I am hoping that with this blog, I can share some of what I am learning in my ongoing studies and in my practice.

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