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Healthier Together Series: Cycle 2A. Nutrition – Hydrate

marek-levak-NEWFRkV4F3s-unsplashToday’s nutrition notes:

At this point, learn how to stay hydrated. Unless you have heart failure, chronic kidney disease or liver failure, or your doctor tells you to restrict your fluid intake, you will benefit from hydration.

Water is necessary for survival and optimum functioning of all of your body and cells. Many if us are in a chronic mild dehydration state. It’s hard to remember to drink water if you are running around and busy. Your body can function better if you rehydrate yourself.

You will know you have enough water if your urine is clearer and less yellow and you are going to the bathroom at least once every 3-4 hours while you are awake. The amount of water you need will vary, but you can know you need more water if your urine is getting darker or more concentrated in color.

When you first increase your water intake, you may have to go to the bathroom more often but your body (kidneys) will adjust. It may take a few days to adjust.

How can you increase your water intake?

1. Get a water bottle or other beverage container/glass you like. It may be colorful or steel or a certain shape. You may like straws if you wear lipstick and don’t want the lipstick mark on your cup/bottle.

2. Put your water in a visible location, easy to reach. You can take sips all day.

3. Make your water interesting. Try sliced lemon, lime, cucumbers, &/or sprigs of mint leaves. Try dropping some berries in your water. Make an UNSWEETENED herbal or green tea & have it hot or iced. You can try all sorts of teas and combos of fruit and herbs steeping in your water for infinite flavors. Some people have it chilling overnight in a large jug for the next day. In the morning, they take out the berries, cucumber, etc. before drinking the flavored water or pouring it into their water bottle to take to work, school or the gym.

4. Link a drink of water with a routine activity. For example, every time before you stand up from your desk, you might take a swig of your water. Or every time you check email, you will drink some water.

5. Log your water intake on an app on your phone or in a notebook and mark each time you have a drink and aim for a certain amount you know is right for you. This works well for people who like records of what they are doing, their progress.

Bottom line: find what works for you and stay hydrated! Your body will be able to better take care of you if you give it what it needs. Have fun with it!

Photo by Marek Levák on Unsplash